Romana Didulo Exposed, Grifter Extraordinaire*

Who is ROMANA Didulo?


  • She alleges that she is:
    • Head of State & Commander-in-Chief,
    • Head of Government,
    • Queen of Canada

She runs at least five(5) shell corporations with varying specs, but each populated by ONLY herself. Two have been dissolved for non-compliance three times:

    • Canada Corporation, Federal
    • Incorporated: 2012-04-29
    • Dissolved: 2015-02-24
    • Revived: 2015-04-14
    • Dissolved: 2016-02-28
    • Registered Office:
      • 1683 FOUL BAY ROAD
        VICTORIA BC V8R 5A2
    • Directors (Minimum 1, Maximum 10)
        VICTORIA BC V8R 5A2
    • Registration Status: Dissolved
    • Canada Corporation, Federal
    • Incorporated: 2015-08-30
    • Registered Office:
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Directors (Minimum 1, Maximum 1)
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Registration Status: Dissolved
    • Canada Corporation, Federal
    • Incorporated:  2016-04-22
    • Registered Office:
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Directors (Minimum 1, Maximum 15)
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Registration Status: Active
    • Canada Corporation, Federal
    • Incorporated: 2015-03-06
    • Registered Office:
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Directors (Minimum 1, Maximum 10)
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Registration Status: Active
  5. Canada1st Party of Canada Inc.
    • Canada Corporation, Federal
    • Incorporated: 2020-11-11
    • Directors (Minimum 1, Maximum 1)
        VICTORIA BC V8T 1K5
    • Registration Status: Active


So presumably Queen Didulo has found a way to fund her choice in multitudinous shell corporations. And as an FYI... all her shells are registered as Corporations for Profit, as opposed to the usual route for politically oriented to be a Not-For-Profit.

I find this fucking hilarious. She's very quickly grifted over $14,000 to allegedly "build homes for fire victims in BC, Canada". Queen Didulo lives in BC, The Queen is a fire victim, and you're funding her castle. It's a grift, so not technically fraud. If you don't give a shit about where your money goes, there are more competent receptacles for your hard earned shekels. ;)

PS: She promises to "severe" ties with China. Get that.. she doesn't understand the semantics of a severe severance, or a severely severed income stream. What a fucking joke. If she really was in touch with a Q-Clearance group of Patriots, they would tell her not to run a side-op on her scam. The "build me a home" scam sunk her. Do you remember when they said the rats will devour each other?

*Note: If you wish to contact Queen Didulo, her telephone number is registered as 647-529-6806 albeit she claims to be living in BC. She's a special kind of stupid.

Useful Links:

That said however, what Ms Didulo is doing is not legally a fraud, especially if you read the wording.. just a really dumb grift. Like stealing from the grandmother of a Hell's Angels enforcer. The GoFundMe page is just "raising funds to build home(s) in BC, Canada...". It is also prefaced by the implied agreement to the fact that she is Queen of Canada.

By donating, you're fuelling her fugue state. All these people are essentially paying for the purchase or construction of her own personal castle. Wake up, people. She says that she's with the Q-Clearance group of Patriots, but she's a cheap-ass grifter. No skills. Been running various cons for over a decade. As of this moment, she's actually accrued over $31,762 in donations. Check her grift past:

    (Incorporated 20120429 & 20150414,
    Dissolved for Non-Compliance 20150224 & 20160228)
    (Incorporated 20150830,
    Dissolved for Non-Compliance 20180629)
     (Incorporated 20160422, Active)
     (Incorporated 20150306, Active)
  • Canada1st Party of Canada Inc.
     (Incorporated 20201111, Active)

Editor: Damn, this gets funnier the more you dig. What a fucking loon; correlation does not causation validate. This "queen" is a BIG-LEAGUE distraction. Unsure if it's a harmless distraction or inherently harmful. Time will tell.

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Anonymous (not verified), Sat, 07/03/2021 - 22:46
Say something or your mouth is full of cake
Anonymous (not verified), Sun, 07/04/2021 - 01:29
You are misinformed, very very misinformed
Anonymous (not verified), Sun, 07/04/2021 - 08:18
Well plz straighten us out thank u :)
Anonymous (not verified), Sun, 07/04/2021 - 19:51
Your words: "The Queen is a fire victim, and you're funding her castle." Romana Didulo's address is listed in Victoria, BC which is on Vancouver Island. This is NOT an area affected by these fires. Explain please.
Read "Chaucer and the Art of the Grift" and if you have time, The Big Con or Snakes in Suits.

The grifter who identifies as the Queen of Canada, has repatriated Canadian lands from Queen Elizabeth II, which is why she needs your money to build homes on her lands in British Columbia.

Too much of a stretch for your [Q]uerulous [B]elief [S]ystem? You could also understand that the Queen (who's now running around with no clothes) was a victim of her pantaloons' instantaneous combustion.

Everything is about Queen Diludo. Check her thread on the Farms, as what we have here just scratches the surface:

Enjoy the show. ;)
Anonymous (not verified), Sat, 10/30/2021 - 16:30
Are you insane? That is the most ridiculous thing I've read all day. "She's building her castle" is allegory. It means she's stealing money from idiots. The location of fires has nothing to do with it.
Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 07/05/2021 - 11:30
Maybe you should have mentioned that it's a high-crime to take over a country, that way you could send in the military and arrest her. Oh that's right you're too fucking stupid to realize that would have already been done by now.
Use a spoon when you eat out of your ass, it'll be easier on your back.
"Maybe you should have mentioned that it's a high-crime to take over a country, that way you could send in the military and arrest her."

Has Ms Didulo really taken over Canada? Hate to break it to you, but it's not illegal to have a mental disorder, delusions of grandeur, or even to be schizophrenic. Nor is it a "high crime" to run a grift, just sometimes you piss off the wrong people and really regret fleecing the credulous sheeple.

It's amusing to those in power, nothing more. There is no reason to stop Queen Diludo* from being a pied piper and making all the easily distracted (low intelligence) groupies cosplaying as "patriots". Diludo has a modest thread on KiwiFarms, and they've started to document her shell corporations being used to deceive the public. There is als content on Reddit, but the Reddit derps are amateurs compared to the KiwiFarms autists.

Queen Dildo just has to con the wrong person's grandma, and she'll be hunted by a pack of howling furries to the end of her days. :D

PS: The military doesn't deal with people like Queen Dildo. In her case, she should be sitting in the psych ward, just like Jonny Boy.
Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 07/13/2021 - 19:53
Well she just told everybody that from ages 17 to 50 all well bodied Canadians will be drafted into the Canadian military. Anybody over 50 will be mandatorily brought in as well. So get ready LOL
Anonymous (not verified), Sat, 07/17/2021 - 09:58
You’re borderline retarded
Anonymous (not verified), Fri, 07/23/2021 - 16:39
How anyone could have ever believed she was really “Queen of Canada” is just as insane as she is. Just look at her “pronouncement” videos, she’s sitting on a sh*tty raggedy-*ss couch and clearly reading off a script (poorly).

Now do Michael Flynn.
Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 09/13/2021 - 02:38
People, myself included, are desperate for hope and a feeling of safety, both of which should be concomitant with faith in God. Waking people, when necessary, is perhaps more desireably done with kindness. Confrontation and ridicule create shame and could result in more resistance. We all are affected by the crumbling of our foundations and kindness goes a long way.
Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 09/13/2021 - 23:32
When you understand what a Republic is and how it works for the people by the people, then add in she was chosen by the Alliance, why would she leave a digital trail as such, so easily found, with a military clearance apparently?and so called History with General Flynn, another huge red flag. Being an orphan and not even born in Canada. Its amazing how many of her telegram followers no up to 50k dont do any research on her?
Anonymous (not verified), Sun, 09/19/2021 - 22:35
One of the big red flags I noticed about her is that she said anyone who questions her is pretty much good as declared a "pissositos" and will be executed. Ok Darth Vader... you just rounded up all the people around the world who have questioned everything about covid and the big commie takeover. They've figgered stuff out about our government, the medical system, the NWO and the World Economic Forum, and you don't expect them to question the hell outta who YOU are??? That's the smoking gun that made me stop paying any attention whatsoever.
Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 09/20/2021 - 15:03
I missed the part where you prove that she is lying about her motives.
I’m suspicious sure, but your article did not convince me otherwise.
This isn't an indictment, my friend. I never once questioned that she had high hopes, but simply raised a question as to her sanity. Judging from the state of her shells, she's not necessarily malicious, but is quite likely a bat-shit crazy individual. The crazy (pied piper) leading the easily influenced (playtriots).

Think logically. If she is part of a "larger organization of white hats" would she have such a broad footprint that says "I've been running scams for over a decade" and simultaneously declaring "if you question me, you are a traitor and will be executed"? Does that sound rational to you?

HSDC runs self-employment programs for new immigrants. That's where her initial seed capital came from, in all likelihood. She's probably been grifting and scamming her fellow Pinay immigrants for over a decade.. just look at the titles for some of her shells:

She's accustomed to running grifts like this, taking advantage of the easily influenced. Now, she is targeting the naive NESARA/GESARA crowd. The middle-aged man/woman who isn't that well-versed in thinking for themselves.

But her greed got the better of her, and Queen Dildo ran a smaller grift (tugging at the heart-strings) on the side of a larger (and less obvious) grift, which brought her onto certain parties' radars. Might have been some Anons from the Farms or Reddit, dunno but might have been an incensed parent who found out their 13-year-old child "borrowed" their credit-card to make a 2K donation to "build homes in BC.". GoFundMe investigated and subsequently killed her GriftRaisr account.

This is not an indictment in a court of law, but this should serve as a quiet reminder to do your homework and stop sending good money chasing after castle in the sky dreams in the hopes that the naked princess really is the Queen that is sent by the White Hats to save you from your inability to think. Just because it "looks" like other people are donating to her cause, does not necessarily mean it's a valid cause. You're blindly following the playtriot forces following this woman in the hopes that, despite all appearances, she's not a fuckin' loon.

Wake the fuck up, people. She's apparently been running grifts of varying sizes for over a decade. The only reason she's not locked up or dead and buried is because she appears crazy, it's not unlawful to be crazy, and she hasn't targeted the mother of someone in a motorcycle club up in Nanaimo.

She's a waste of time, but if you cannot read the writing on the wall, I'm not being paid to write an indictment of Ms Didulo. I don't have to "..prove that she is lying about her motives" because I never made any claims about her motives. On the other hand, I questioned her motives and provided publicly available information which leads any reasonable person to believe that she is either a con-artist, or as crazy as the sun is bright at noon on a cloudless summer's day.

You sound like her, or one of her cult-followers. "If you question the Queen Dildo, she'll have you beheaded!"

You don't have to be self-aware in order to run a grift, just as you needn't be self-aware to be controlled opposition. She is a distraction from the work that needs to be done, and the legions of playtriots need to give their heads a shake and remember to question everything; think for yourself, and don't blindly follow the pied piper. That's how we got in this mess.

There is REAL work to be done, my friends. Stop playing games, this woman is a waste of our time. Did you honestly think it would be so easy as sending $200 to Queen Dildo? Your naïveté is kinda juvenile.
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