Tyrannical Subjugation in Toronto Hearing in Divisonal Court

ONSCDC 107/22 2023-May-15 UPDATED SCHEDULE for JUN14

RE: LANDLORD (Medallion Corporation) v TENANTS (Chad & Stacy)
File No.: 107/22 (2023-06-14)


  • Further to your email regarding the adversely affective scheduling of Hearing Dates for ONSCDC 107/22, the responding tenant was reasonably guesstimated to be June 15th, 2023. In his original email of March 9th, 2023 the tenant "Chad" informed the Court and applicable parties the following:
    • I'd like to arrange appropriate accommodations with you momentarily regarding File No. 107/22 proceedings and the representation of these tenants subsequent to the male's detainment from Oct-06 thru Dec-13 at Toronto South Detention Centre. This detainment of the tenant has caused a severe head trauma (6+ staples, recent scar tissue on the rear left side of his skull, dizziness, and injured collar bone) which has resulted in a condition which has impacted the male tenant's ability to act in a timely fashion, while recovering from these injuries sustained in TSDC. This includes the detention facility's confiscation of, and failure to return, his precious (over $1,000) 14k gold wedding band.
       We are requesting that there be appropriate accommodations, an interview with whomever is in place to provide these appropriate accommodations (such as the originally requested 3-days due to disability) regarding this male party ( OTIS #1000841548 ) which will accommodate him and his wife in not being treated like prisoners, as the primary complaint against this tenant was for telling another tenant not to demand that the tenant put a face covering on his wife. This demand was made despite there being appropriate signage CLEARLY INDICATING exemptions for males and females unable to wear a muzzle such like the complainant demanded.
      These tenants are reasonably requesting that this court provide accommodation for his trauma and permit the tenants to make a reasonable response without being harassed by malevolent action. Furthermore, please provide a proper printed output of the proceedings to date.
      Thank-you, and please do not hesitate to speak with these Tenants (husband & wife) by telephone. Apologies for any inappropriate assumptions made in this communication.


I trust that this is understood, especially with relevant understanding about the tenant's disaffective trauma consequent the vicious detention October 6th, 2022 through December 13th, 2022. We've also included a minor scheduling update made by the Registrar for clarification about the necessity for an in-person hearing before the three judges at 1000EDT on June 14th, 2023 but the Counsel for Medallion has made submission DIRECTLY contradictory to the direction of the Registrar in its communication of Donna Greson on March 21st, 2023 in which she clarified:

  • Justice Matheson directs as follows:
    This LTB appeal will be heard on June 14, 2023, by a Zoom virtual hearing.  The appellant Mr. Chad has requested accommodation in order, as put in his email, that he and his wife not be harassed or subject to malevolent actions at their court hearing.
    Please be advised that the panel of judges conducting the hearing will ensure that it is conducted in an appropriate fashion.  If you have any concerns at the hearing, you may raise them with the panel.

Adjusted Schedule:

  • 2023-06-14 — Appeal before ONSC Divisional Court