Peaceful Warriors

You cannot truly call yourself 'peaceful' unless you are capable of great violence.

If you're not capable of violence, then you're not peaceful, you're just harmless, as a clanging cymbal.

Important distinction, calculate your odds.
Measure thrice, cut but once.


On our second meeting, my love, I knew that you complete me. We met because we were both detained at the Toronto G20 in 2010. I was detained on Friday June 25th, and you were detained over the weekend. You were a peaceful warrior, defending others. Me, I was a selfish warrior, fighting my own fight.

On our second meeting, I knew that I would marry you. We were married on October 14th, 2011. We have lived at Sherbourne Site since that time, and now you leave me for what, some bullshit about you needing to protect your abusive father?

I really cannot understand you, for we are married in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, a Church which you brought me into, and shewed me the error of my ways. I love you, and you heed those godless counsellors who direct you to abandon your spouse, your partner in Holy Matrimony, true Conjugal Spirituality.

  • We can define conjugal spirituality as the path by which husbands and wives, through their unity in the sacrament of matrimony, grow together in the faith and in the rest of their virtues in order to share in the experience of God.Their very lives will serve as testimony of Christ’s love for us. Conjugal spirituality is, then, a journey that leads spouses towards a united holiness. Each partner assumes the responsibility of saving the other, as the other become a part of the self—the other self.
  • Conjugal spirituality does not ignore the personal faith of either spouse. Nor does it pretend to be the sum of both spouses’ spiritualities. It rather refers to a new reality, since novelties have become the norm through of the sacrament of matrimony. From the very moment of marriage, each spouse becomes a place of encounter with God, a channel of grace, and a path of salvation for the other. Through marriage, each partner should recognize and contemplate the face of God in the other. 
  • From Families Fully Alive


You claimed to be a staunch Conservative Catholic, derisive even of Vatican II, yet you quickly glom onto the urgings of Godless pagans. You are a hypocrite, your mother would be ashamed, but your father would be so proud, so very proud that you protect him to the extent that you will sacrifice our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, by which we are joined. Two are but one, and you wish to rend me asunder.

What is your real fear, then? Do you fear really and truly being understood by your half orange? Each day without you, my heart withers and weeps, as I draw closer yet to death without syzygy, mi media naranja.. for you ARE my heart. I cry myself to sleep each night, mourning you.

I know you better than you think. I understand you, and that frightens you, for I see deep, deeply into your soul, and I recognize the beauty therein. When you are gone, I feel the flames licking at my feet, for life without you is the doorstep to Hell.

How you dare to leave and sleep at other locations for weeks, now three at a time, and then try to blame me? You and your "secrets" that you try to punish me for, acting like I am the one that hurt you. Honestly, this is not healthy for the either of us. As I have said:

  • You have been gone since June 1st, less a weekend. You have a very simple choice to make. Stay, and fight for the future of OUR marriage, or leave me. I love you more each day, and I am hurt that ye lack faith in my love for you.

Whenever you want to talk, I'm here to listen and hold you, and not to judge. I love you more than life itself, as a TRUE Catholic Conjugal Union is selfless, concerning itself about the health and well-being of the beloved, as opposed to my health and well-being as the lover of you, mi querida.

Let me be your peaceful warrior, this time.
Let me be your guiding light.

There is NO not choosing..
So return, and stay with me, or get thee behind me, Satan.

I love thee, until the day I die, I love you.
Please, let me be for you,
as you were for me.

Tu amado esposo,